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Children cannot imagine anything in their mind until they have perceived it through one or more of their senses and then experienced it.  Montessori Sensorial materials are designed to allow children to experience one of their senses by isolating that sense.  These materials help children to make order of their environment.  One of the major purposes is to help the child in the process of classifying his/her environment.  The child develops the ability to refine and classify these perceptions by qualities.  This allows for order and leads to logical reasoned thought.  This process is 1)perception 2)experience 3)classification 4)re-experience 5)language 6)assimilation 7)abstraction.  It is by repeating the exercises of the senses and experiencing the environment, that the child will master the environment.  This will lead to reasoned thought and will develop into the ability to make judgements.




These areas of study are noted below.  Each subject is a link to more information.


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